Rafter J Cowboy Church Bulletin for Sunday, December 17, 2023

Sermon by Pastor Bob Young
Title:  “You Can Miss It” 
Scripture: Luke 2:4-7, Matthew 2:1-6, Philippians 3:7-8
1. We Get Sidetracked by Other Things (vv. Luke 2:4-7).
 2. We Are Scared of What We Might Lose (vv. Matt.2:1-3) (vv. Phil.3:7-8).
3. We Become Satisfied with Intellectual Knowledge (vv.Matt.2:4-6).

This Week:
Sunday, December 17: Sunday Morning Worship, Prayer, & Sermon.  Children and Youth are dismissed for Sunday School classes after worship and opening prayer. Elder open meeting starts at 6 PM & closed meeting starts at 7 PM. 

Sunday, December 24:  7 PM Christmas Eve Candlelight Service in the arena.  If the weather is bad, we will move to the church building.

Sunday, December 31: – 5th Sunday Potluck lunch after church service.  We will be celebrating the new year so church will provide cornbread, peas, and tea.  Please bring sides and desserts.

Friday, January 5:  Outreach at Serenity Corner.  We will be making meals to serve the homeless (enough to feed 30).  This will reoccur every 1st Friday of the Month.  Please see Pastor Bob for more specific details. SERENITY CORNER is located at 212 S. Rockwall Street in Terrell

Friday, January 12:  Men’s ministry meeting at 6:30 PM.  Meal and message included.

Sunday, January 21:  Elder open meeting starts at 6 PM & closed meeting starts at 7 PM. 

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