Rafter J Cowboy Church Bulletin for Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sermon by Pastor Bob Young
Title: “Nature’s Fury – God’s Faithfulness
Scripture:  Mark 6:45-52 
1. Jesus Watches Over Us.
2. We Have to Reach the End of Our Own Strength.
3. Jesus Waits To Intervene (vv. 48-49).
4. When We Fail to Recognize Jesus (v. 50).
5. Once You “Get it” (v. 51).
6. Not All Storms You Face Are Your Own Fault.
This Week:
Sunday, November 27:  Worship, Prayer, and Sermon.  Children and Youth dismissed for Sunday School classes after worship and opening prayer.  
Friday, December 9:  Men’s ministry meeting at 6:30 pm.  Meal and message included.
Sunday, December 18:  2023 Budget Approval meeting directly after church service.  Elder’s open meeting 6 pm and closed meeting is at 7 pm. 
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