Rafter J Cowboy Church Bulletin for Sunday, October 23, 2022

Sermon by Pastor Bob Young
Title: “The Cost of Discipleship”
Scripture: Mark 8:31-38
Christ Suffered (vv. 31-33).
Deny Yourself (v. 34).
Take Your Cross (v. 34).
Follow Me (v. 34).
Lose Your Life (vv. 35-37).
Testify of Christ (v. 38).

This Week:
Sunday, October 23: Worship, Prayer, and Sermon. Children and Youth dismissed for Sunday School classes after worship and opening prayer. We will be having a business meeting after church service to vote on the purchase of new property. We will need all members to stay after service for the meeting and vote. Also, we would like to have as many stay after church each Sunday to help pack and move items into our storage PODs. We can work hard for a bit and then go have lunch together.

Sunday, October 30: 5th Sunday Fall Fest Potluck lunch after church service. We need desserts, bread, and side dishes.

Friday, November 11: Men’s Ministry meets at 6:30 PM. Come join our men for fellowship, fun and food!

Sunday, November 13:  Elder Meeting – Open meeting starts at 6 PM and closed meeting starts at 7 PM.

Other Announcements:
No Buck-Out Ministry going forward due to the move. However, there will still be bull riding on Thursday nights held by Brother.

We believe our first church service will be held at Kauf-Van facilities starting on Sunday December 4th. Address: 9433 Co Rd 136, Terrell, TX 75161

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