Youth Ministry


Here at Rafter J we have a great group of young people. We believe that the youth today are the leaders of the church tomorrow. Having said that it’s important to know that begins with a strong understanding of the Bible. We variate between comprehensive study of specific books to subjects the kids want to discuss. I want to make sure the kids have a strong grasp of what the Bible says about different subjects and where to find it. We are under no dilutions of the world these guys live in and will not back away from getting into those topics. Every day they are getting the message the culture has for them and it’s important they get the message God has given for us all. It can be a very confusing time in a young persons life and it’s critical to start life with the right foundation of faith. Our class meets every Sunday morning and we would be happy to see you and your family here.

Whats Happening at Rafter J