Kickin’ Up Dust

Kick'N Up Dust

Music is a big part of the Western and Cowboy culture and there is no denying that the Lord intended it to be a large part of worship as well. Just look as early as in the book of Genesis, where in the fourth chapter He took a moment in the middle of some “begats” to give a nod to a fellow named Jubal, the father of all those who handle the harp and organ. King David appointed musicians specifically for the purpose of worship as in 1 Chronicles 15:16, and we even see Jesus himself and the apostles singing hymns in Matthew 26:30.

At Rafter J, the goal of worship is to break down the walls of that the world and work week and prepare hearts to receive the Word of God each service. We prepare our music in a variety of styles intended to first and foremost present the Gospel message. Secondly, we strive to do this in a culturally relevant manner, using musical styles ranging from Traditional and Contemporary Country to Bluegrass and Blues.

Each year, Kicking up Dust, our worship team, has the honor of being featured at a number of events and outreach opportunities. Come out and see us at one or visit us any Sunday morning, and we will do our best to give you a great message and get your foot a tappin’ to boot!

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