About Us

Sunday Church service starts at 10 AM.  We do offer Children’s church as well.

As a Cowboy Church, our vision is

  • To Establish a ministry to the old west and agricultural community
  • To make a positive impact on our culture and our community by standing for Biblical principles
  • To Create a place where worship is an act of the heart, soul, and mind
  • To teach the gospel from the pulpit, in the classroom, and in the arena
  • To teach life skills, ministry skills, & cowboy skills in a positive environment

A Short History

Rafter J Cowboy Church started in May 2002 with weekly Bible Studies and held their first Worship Service on July 1,2002. They started with 10 members in a horse barn outside of Terrell, with the horses often adding their own views to the matters at hand. In 2004 with 58 members in place the Rafter J Cowboy Church moved into a cover arena off Hwy 148 & I-20 in Terrell, Texas. At the beginning of 2005 classrooms were added for the learning of children and classroom time for the adults as well. With 225 members in place by the 3rd quarter of 2005, Rafter J set forth solid ministries throughout the church. Ministries which include: Arena Ministry,  Children’s Ministry, Celebrate Recovery Ministry, Worship Ministry, and Youth Ministry. Rafter J Cowboy Church is reaching out to the community with Sunday morning Church Services. Rafter J is seeing 100’s of people come to know and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rafter J Cowboy Church FAQ’s

What denomination is Rafter J Cowboy Church?

Rafter J Cowboy Church functions as an interdenominational fellowship gladly welcoming anyone. You are always welcome at Cowboy Church no matter where you come from, what your background is, or even what you’re wearing. Cowboy Church was established to fill a need in our community with the same type of Western Heritage from the old west.

Do I have to be a Cowboy to attend Rafter J?

The answer is NO!  Our membership is very diversified. There are members who have never even been on a horse! The cowboy culture welcomes folks who may not feel comfortable, for their own personal reasons, in a conventional church. Every one is welcome into our family at Rafter J.

How Do I contact the church?

Email us at rafterjcowboychurchemail@gmail.com and your question will be forwarded to the proper person.

How Do I Get Involved At Rafter J?

There is always something to do at Rafter J. We have teams that are headed up by a team leader. The team leaders meet monthly with the elders and the Pastor to discuss church planning and growth.  Each team is made up of volunteers who wish to be involved in this wonderful ministry. Some of the teams remain fully staffed while other teams are always in desperate need of help.

How do I express my desire to become a member of Rafter J?

We have our Green Sheets at the welcome table that you can fill out and drop in the offering house. You will be contacted for a pre-membership meeting. This meeting is for the Pastor to get to know you and a time for you to get to know all about the church. This is a great time to ask any questions about the church that you may have before joining. In this meeting you will be asked to pray about joining and if this is where God’s wants you, then the Pastor will acknowledge you on the following Sunday as new members of Rafter J Cowboy Church.

Does Rafter J Cowboy Church have programs for my children?

We have a growing children’s ministry.  Classes start right after the music part of our service. This allows the kids to get age appropriate lessons and their parents are able to focus on the sermon.   Classes are divided by age and we have a committed group of teachers excited to teach relative lessons to the kids.

We even have a nursery for new mothers!

The focus of the ministry is to give the kids a solid foundation on the Scriptures in a fun and relaxing environment. The main thing is for the kids begin to develop a real relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the most important thing in the years to come in their lives and will carry them through the good times and bad. We hope to provide a safe place for your kids to come and grow spiritually and form lasting relationships with Christian friends.  We hope you will come and join our family this weekend.

What events are regularly scheduled in the Arena?

We have a full schedule of events that are listed on the  calendar. Please, check it regularly as new events are added all the time. If you wish to add an event to the calendar or reserve the arena, please email redsmithking@gmail.com or call 214-229-6457.

You can also check out the individual pages for the different programs  to see what’s happening.  With other questions please feel free to email rafterjcowboychurchemail@gmail.com

What kind of music do you have at Rafter J?

Our band works very hard to provide a well-blended variety of music. Each service offers a wide range of music from traditional hymns, to contemporary Christian music, bluegrass, cowboy ballads, blues and even some jazz. There is something for everyone at Rafter J!

How should I dress for church?

Some people wear jeans and some people wear church clothes. Just come however you are comfortable.

If you have questions about our church please call our church secretary, Ms. Red, at 214-229-6457.

Whats Happening at Rafter J